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BIG NEWS – Upcoming Couponing Classes!

25 Sep

First let me say it’s great to be back to blogging – my computer is finally among the living once more, so I will hopefully be able to stay on top of bringing you money-saving tips more regularly! (Look for a post later this week about local artists & how you can save money while supporting your community!)

Now, onto my big news – This fall, I will be conducting a bi-weekly couponing class right here in my community. Here is the information you need to know on the class itself, as well as how to get in touch with me if you’re interested! Keep in mind – walk-ins are perfectly welcome the day of each class, but reserving a spot will ensure I have all of your FREEBIES ready when you arrive!

  • Classes will be held every other weekend, in the LifeSong Church building in downtown Russell, KY. (If the demand increases, I may add more classes!)
  • Classes will be 3 hours long each time, and will cover the same material each time. (So you only need to take the class once!)
  • The classes will cost $20 per person, or $15 for LifeSong Church members.
  • Classes will run from the first weekend of October through the last weekend of December. 

Beginning in January of 2014, I will be offering FREE weekly follow-up meetings for anyone interested in learning even more about coupons, shopping smart, stretching a dollar and saving big! This “Life Group” will be open to church members and anyone who has attended one of my fall 2013 classes!

If you and a group of friends/family are interested in taking a class but can not attend, I can come to you! Just contact me to set up a date/time and payment information, and I will give you a discounted group rate!


I can be reached at: c.blackaby.barker @ gmail.com or 606-834-8088

I also have Facebook & Twitter, so find me there if you’d like!


Thanks for everyone’s interest, and please be sure to share this post with everyone you know who’s interested in saving money! (So basically, everyone!)