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Tougher Times – More Savings!

7 Oct

Thank you to everyone who’s still on board with me & my blog. I’ve had a really rough family situation going on lately, but things seem to be leveling out now, and I’m hoping to get back to blogging full time!

The title of this post is indicative of how a lot of people are feeling right now. Because of circumstances beyond our control, things are going to be harder for my husband, daughter and I this fall and winter. Money is going to be just a little shorter, and time is going to be spread very thinly between all of our commitments and obligations. With that being said, I’m trying to look at this situation as a chance to really put my couponing & savings skills to work. This will be an opportunity for me to really make our money work for us.

What about all of you? What does the harvest and holiday season approaching mean for your budget? Couldn’t we all use a little extra cash in our wallets at this time of year? Since that’s not a likely scenario for most of us, I propose that what we can do instead is bulk up on the coupons (and sales ads!) in our arsenal instead, and really make good use of the time that we have, so we can devote more of it to enjoying our family & friends.

Look for a new series coming next month – Couponing Toward Christmas – and stick around for some great tips on making whatever amount you have in your family’s budget this year streeeetch!