Weird Places to Score Great Deals

31 Aug

Have you ever found a great deal where you least expected it? I think we all have, but for me, it’s become part of my couponing strategy. Many of my best hauls have come from sales on unexpected items at seemingly random stores. In this post, I’ll give you a few examples. Try some of these out for yourself to snag great buys!

  • CVS or Rite-Aid for grocery deals – I have often found great buys on grocery items at my local pharmacies, and sometimes these deals also include an incentive such as ExtraBucks or +Up Rewards. Add coupons (stack store and MF coupons at both locations!) and/or reward dollars from previous purchases for even deeper discounts!
  • Health/Beauty items at Kroger or other grocery stores – Most of my best deals actually come from closeouts and clearance at my local Kroger store. I’ve also found great deals on toothpaste, floss, feminine care items and even household items like laundry supplies at smaller, independently owned grocery stores. Many of these places have additional promotions – like reward point systems – and accept coupons. Some even double coupons! Check for these deals while doing your regular grocery shopping, and save more every time you shop!
  • Home improvement & decor items at dollar stores – Though many people obviously have certain styles they’re fond of or specific qualities they’re looking for in home items, I’ve found that if you’re not terribly picky, you can clean, maintain and even decorate your home frugally by shopping at dollar stores. The selection varies widely from location to location, but if you drop by with any sort of regularity, you can find practical, inexpensive and attractive home accents, and brand name cleaning supplies. (As well as the convenience of purchasing these items alongside every day essentials!)


Where have you found great (but maybe unexpected) deals lately?


Free Papers in Your Community – Free Coupon Resources!

31 Aug

In most communities, there are several free, small weekly publications available. These can be found on stands at grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, etc. Some – like the “Tri-State Weekend” in our area – are even delivered straight to your mailbox weekly, all for free.

These papers can include grocery store circulars – great for planning shopping trips – as well as restaurant coupons, savings at farmers’ markets and more. For what they are, these papers are great resources for couponers. Free, easy to find (sometimes even sent right to your home) and full of great coupons and deals. 

I highly suggest those of you who are new to couponing (or haven’t checked these little papers out!) go out and find these gems in your community, and put them to work for you!

Sunday Coupon Preview (9/1/13) (Wow, September already?!)

31 Aug

Alright folks, time for another Sunday Coupon Preview.

This weekend’s coupons won’t be numerous (only one insert his week) but they will be pretty decent in value. 

Expect one P&G insert this week. Head on over to Sunday Coupon Preview‘s website & check out possible coupon values. Please remember, however: all coupons & values are regional, and may or may not appear in YOUR newspaper. 

Please also note the first post on the SCP website, which alerts us to some printable coupons which will be expiring soon. ALWAYS remember to print any coupons you haven’t already at the end of each month, as they may be gone the following week, or they may reset. (Meaning you can print them now AND later! More coupons, more savings, right?)


Sunday Coupon Preview (8/25/2013)

23 Aug

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post – life can be very demanding when you’re a new mom!

As an apology gift, allow me to offer you this week’s coupon preview post, a few days early!

Just follow this link over to the Sunday Coupon Preview page, and check out this week’s expected coupon list. We should be seeing two coupon inserts this week, one Red Plum & one Smart source. 

KEEP IN MIND: ALL coupons may or may not be regional, and values/items specified on those coupons can vary. 

Hope you’re all having a great week, and please check back for more posts soon to come!

Sunday Coupon Preview (8/4/13)

3 Aug

Head on over to the Sunday Coupon Preview site to see what coupons you can expect in this week’s paper. (There should be two inserts this week, one Red Plum & one Smart Source. Not a bad week, but obviously not as good as last week’s FIVE inserts!)

Be sure to check back every weekend for a heads up on the Sunday’s coming coupons!

When is a Dollar a Deal? (Dollar Stores)

2 Aug

Today I made a trip to a Dollar Tree store. Everything in this store is a dollar, and though other dollar stores don’t have quite those kinds of prices, they all offer some great values. However, it’s important to note that some things are great deals at dollar store prices, and some aren’t. How can you tell what’s what? Here’s a quick (and by no means concise) list of ideas for what to buy at dollar stores -and what to wait for another store to pick up.

Great Dollar Store Values

  • Select Toiletries (Some brand name products are sold at dollar stores for around a dollar ,while they are up to twice that price elsewhere. Check the size, though – sometimes value is more than just price per item!)
  • Food/Beverage items – Buy your bottled soft drinks at the dollar store – specifically Dollar Tree. Our local store offers 21 ounce bottles for a dollar each; much cheaper than the local grocery stores or even Wal-Mart. 2-liters are less expensive elsewhere at times, but if you can’t find them on sale when you need them, head to your favorite dollar store. 
  • Newspapers – My local Dollar Tree offers Sundays newspapers for only a dollar, while they are $1.25-$1.75 elsewhere. This may not seem like great savings, but if you’re buying several papers every week, all year long, it adds up to a great deal over time. Be sure to get there early, though – many stores sell out early on Sunday because of this great price!
  • Personal care items – Check your local dollar stores for feminine care, vitamins & other medicines, sexual health products, razors, cosmetics and other products at better deals than stores like Kroger or CVS, and sometimes their prices are even comparable to Wal-Mart & other big box discount retailers. This can save something other than just money – if you can get your favorite items for the same prices without having to drive to a crowded big box store, you’ll save your time and sanity as well!

Not everything is a great deal at dollar stores. Beware not-so-great prices on:

  • Sample & travel size items – Often sold for around a dollar at these stores, these items can be found elsewhere – often is larger sizes or of better quality – for less. Check Wal-Mart or Target for deals on these items. 
  • Canned goods – A dollar a can for veggies? $1.50 for a can of broth or condensed soup? These deals are not worth the time of anyone who can shop sales elsewhere. Stack coupons with sales at grocers like Kroger to grab much better deals here. (As always, Aldi also has great deals on these items – no coupons necessary!)
  • Entertainment – Movies, cds, electronics, etc.; not the thing to pick up during a dollar store trip. Though you may find good deals on these items here, it’s unlikely that a better deal can not be had elsewhere, especially during seasonal sales. (Think holiday shopping season!) Dollar stores offer limited quantities & selection, so try big box retailers or websites like Amazon for these items.

In short, some items are great buys at dollar stores – especially those $1 deals! – and some aren’t. Try taking a trip & scouting prices on your favorite items at your local store, then compare them with the prices you’re accustomed to paying elsewhere. You may just find a treasure trove of awesome deals you’ve been missing!

Colgate – FREE Educational Resources & Samples for Your Classroom!

31 Jul

In recent years, the teaching of lifelong basic skills in the regular classroom has diminished. With everything teachers are now required to teach, things like hygiene, manners, handwriting and telling time are becoming less and less common in schools. If a teacher wishes to teach his or her students about these topics, it’s usually left up to them, with the accompanying materials being provided out of their own pocket as well. However, Colgate wants to help change that.

If you follow this link, you can sign up for the Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures program for your classroom. Aimed at students around the kindergarten age, this program provides teachers with free resources – such as media presentations, samples for students, take-homes for parents and more! – to educate students on the importance of good oral hygiene. 

The program sends out it’s packages in February of each year, so signing up now will get you a package for the early spring of the coming school year. Act fast, as supplies may be limited. The materials are free – all you do is provide your name, shipping information and a very brief description of what program you are affiliated with. That’s it! You’ll receive a confirmation at the end of sign up. 

On a personal and local note, I urge any educator of young children – teacher, daycare provider, home school teacher, after school provider, etc. – to get these materials. Oral hygiene is a notable issue in our area, and it’s very exciting to see a program designed to help us help children better their health and lives.