Weird Places to Score Great Deals

31 Aug

Have you ever found a great deal where you least expected it? I think we all have, but for me, it’s become part of my couponing strategy. Many of my best hauls have come from sales on unexpected items at seemingly random stores. In this post, I’ll give you a few examples. Try some of these out for yourself to snag great buys!

  • CVS or Rite-Aid for grocery deals – I have often found great buys on grocery items at my local pharmacies, and sometimes these deals also include an incentive such as ExtraBucks or +Up Rewards. Add coupons (stack store and MF coupons at both locations!) and/or reward dollars from previous purchases for even deeper discounts!
  • Health/Beauty items at Kroger or other grocery stores – Most of my best deals actually come from closeouts and clearance at my local Kroger store. I’ve also found great deals on toothpaste, floss, feminine care items and even household items like laundry supplies at smaller, independently owned grocery stores. Many of these places have additional promotions – like reward point systems – and accept coupons. Some even double coupons! Check for these deals while doing your regular grocery shopping, and save more every time you shop!
  • Home improvement & decor items at dollar stores – Though many people obviously have certain styles they’re fond of or specific qualities they’re looking for in home items, I’ve found that if you’re not terribly picky, you can clean, maintain and even decorate your home frugally by shopping at dollar stores. The selection varies widely from location to location, but if you drop by with any sort of regularity, you can find practical, inexpensive and attractive home accents, and brand name cleaning supplies. (As well as the convenience of purchasing these items alongside every day essentials!)


Where have you found great (but maybe unexpected) deals lately?


One Response to “Weird Places to Score Great Deals”

  1. Denise September 2, 2013 at 12:44 am #

    Every Friday you can download a free item from Kroger. They have given away free products like soda, shampoo, Fritos, and other items.

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