Colgate – FREE Educational Resources & Samples for Your Classroom!

31 Jul

In recent years, the teaching of lifelong basic skills in the regular classroom has diminished. With everything teachers are now required to teach, things like hygiene, manners, handwriting and telling time are becoming less and less common in schools. If a teacher wishes to teach his or her students about these topics, it’s usually left up to them, with the accompanying materials being provided out of their own pocket as well. However, Colgate wants to help change that.

If you follow this link, you can sign up for the Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures program for your classroom. Aimed at students around the kindergarten age, this program provides teachers with free resources – such as media presentations, samples for students, take-homes for parents and more! – to educate students on the importance of good oral hygiene. 

The program sends out it’s packages in February of each year, so signing up now will get you a package for the early spring of the coming school year. Act fast, as supplies may be limited. The materials are free – all you do is provide your name, shipping information and a very brief description of what program you are affiliated with. That’s it! You’ll receive a confirmation at the end of sign up. 

On a personal and local note, I urge any educator of young children – teacher, daycare provider, home school teacher, after school provider, etc. – to get these materials. Oral hygiene is a notable issue in our area, and it’s very exciting to see a program designed to help us help children better their health and lives.


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