Coupon Policy Extravaganza!

17 Jul

When you’re just starting out with coupons – or even if you’ve been at it for a while – the differences in store coupon policies can be maddening. How do you know how many or what types of coupons you can use? Can you stack coupons? Does the store double coupons? It can be really frustrating to think you understand the policy, and have the staff tell you something different every time you go to the store.

This can usually be prevented however, if you can bring along a copy of your store’s corporate coupon policy. Most stores have this available online. To prevent hassle and ensure that I understand my favorite stores’ policies, I print out and carry a copy of each store’s policy in my coupon binder. You may not need to do this, but I find that it helps me prevent arguments with staff, and helps me stay knowledgeable about what I can & can’t do at any given store.

NOTE: Keep in mind, store policies can be updated yearly, every six months or even more often, so I advise rechecking the websites every 3-4 months, just to ensure your copy of the policy is up to date!

Here is a list of some favorite stores, with links to their corporate coupon policies. if you don’t see your favorite store, just comment or shoot me a message, and I will find & post it for you!



Kroger & affiliate stores (Credit – (See also: Corporate website, for information on eCoupons, fuel rewards, iWireless, etc.)

Dollar General (Credit:

Family Dollar

Dollar Tree (Many people don’t know that you can now use coupons here!)

CVS  (See also: ExtraCare program)

Rite Aid (See also: Wellness Rewards, Wellness+ & +Up Rewards progams)

Walgreens (See also: Balance Rewards & Regsiter Rewards programs)


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