More Than One Way to Use a Coupon!

14 Jul

Have you ever had great coupons for products that you just don’t use? Maybe it’s time to try something new, or rethink your product-usage habits!

NOTE: This post contains non-descriptive discussion of personal care items – you have been warned! 

For instance, I recently used coupons to stock up on Pull-Ups & Kandoo brands “flushable moist wipes”. My baby isn’t old enough to use the bathroom, so most parents in my situation wouldn’t have purchased these items. However – I’m of the school of thought that wipes are wipes, so we use them in our diaper bag as “travel wipes”. They work just as well, and are great for her sensitive skin, plus you can flush them in the public restroom. Fabulous! They also make great “grown up” wipes, for everything from daily messes to bathroom trips (think Charmin or Cottonelle wipes!) and considering they were all free, it’s great to find multiple uses for them for our family!

Another item I have spoken to several women about lately are products from brands like Poise & Tena. With high value coupons for these products coming out on a regular basis, they’re great stock up items. But they’re not only great for those people who have bladder leakage/incontinence/postpartum issues, but they make great everyday liners & pads that can be used in place of products like Always & Kotex, which are usually more expensive for coupon shoppers. And really, who’s going to know that you have a Poise/Tena pad on, other than yourself? With products that are used once and thrown away, why not use what you can get for free, even if it was technically designed for something else? Makes sense and saves cents!

Of course, the best thing to do when you find great coupons for items you don’t or can’t use is to donate these items. My husband & I used the $5/2 Clairol coupons this last week to buy nearly $60 worth of shampoo, which we then donated to a local charity, for almost nothing out of pocket. Donating is easier when you can afford to do it regularly, and coupon make that happen!

So flip through your organizer or binder this week, look at your coupons, and ask yourself – if I won’t use this product, how can I change that? Or better yet, who else can use it? Your answers may surprise and benefit you more than you can imagine!


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