Bringing Home the Bacon, For Less (Saving on Meat)

28 Jun

Meat is a product that it is often very expensive, and often hard to find good sales/coupons for. Very few coupons for meat – especially fresh meat – exist, and those that do are rare. Beef & pork prices are quite high lately, due to a terrible drought last summer that is causing smaller herd sizes on farms. So with these difficult circumstances, how can your family save on this American diet staple?

The first and most obvious is to eat less meat. A healthy portion size for meat, poultry or fish is around the size of a deck of cards – less than half the size that most Americans are used to eating at a single meal. Try meal options that incorporate less meat, or are meatless to make your meat money stretch. You’d be surprised how many delicious recipes there are that don’t use a single ounce of meat!

If this isn’t an option for your family’s taste, try shopping your store’s ‘clearance’ section of the meat department. Here, items that are close to their “sell by” date are available at drastically reduced prices. Use these products the same day to be sure of food safety and quality, or freeze them immediately to use later. I’ve found ground beef for less than a dollar a pound, and roasts, ribs and steaks for less than two dollars a pound! Great prices when you can find them!

If you’re not sure whether your store offers these items, ask your butcher. Be sure to ask what days and what times are the best to find these items – some stores mark down meat once a day, once a week, etc. 

Be sure to put your store circular to work for you as well, scanning each week for what types of meat, poultry, etc. are on sale each week. Grilling cuts are usually cheaper in summer; stew and roast cuts are cheaper in winter. Put those sales on your shopping list to cash in on great prices and stock your freezer up when you can.

Lastly, look for the rare and exciting fresh meat coupons that stores and companies occasionally put out. I found a fresh pork coupon recently that offered a dollar off ANY fresh pork item. Another coupon I found offered free soda if I bought any grilling cut of meat. Layering this coupon with a Kroger store coupon for fresh beef steaks will offer an even better deal – always look for stacking possibilities! 

Meat may not be easy to find specials on, but if your family eats it, it’s definitely worth a little extra effort to find the best prices! 


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