Why I Coupon – Babies Are Expensive!

26 May

This week, with coupons that were previously available on Coupons.com, I made a Walmart trip, and in combination with other coupons that gave me overage, I snagged a nice haul of toddler products for around $3.00 total. The retail value for these products is well over $30, so I managed a 90% discount on items my daughter will soon be in need of.


Here’s a couponing tip: Say you see non-perishable items like thesse on sale, but your baby is not old enough to use them. So? Stockpile them at rock-bottom prices, because babies grow fast!

What if your babies are too old to use them, or even if you don’t have babies? Pick these items up at their lowest prices anyway, and use them to fill gift baskets for baby showers or birthday/holiday gifts for families who might need them. Or donate them to a local mother/baby charity, like Two Hearts Pregnancy Center. 

There really is no reason to pass up on these deals, because someone you know – you, your children, your friends’ children, needy children in your community, etc. – can use them!


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