Making the Most of Your Money with Trial/Travel Sizes

18 May

Have you ever noticed that most MFR coupons state “Not valid on/Excluding Trial & travel Size”? That’s because these items are often around $1-$2, and with coupons, they would be completely free. Many MFRs & stores have cracked down by limiting coupon usage to full size items – one of the many annoying side effects of the Extreme Couponing craze.

But there ARE still coupons out there that allow use on travel items, or rather, don’t EXCLUDE travel sizes. This is where you can get GREAT savings.

This week, during our Wal-Mart trip, we were able to snag a small collection of eight mini hair sprays & mousses, completely free (with overage!) by using high value “$3 off 2” coupons. The items retail for $1.47 at our store, so the coupon covered them completely.


This brings up an often-addressed point in couponing. “Why would I buy a bunch of travel size items, when I could just use the coupons on a few full size items?” Because you’re ultimately getting the same amount, but for free instead of for a reduced price. If you buy two 10 oz. bottles of hairspray, and use the ‘$3 off 2’ coupons, you may only pay a few dollars. But if you are able to use multiples of that coupon on ten 2 oz bottles instead, you’ll get the same amount completely free, and maybe even score some overage that you can use toward other items. Pretty simple choice when you think about it that way!

Be sure to always check your coupons to see if they exclude trail/travel size, because if not – get out there and get those savings! 


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