Fantastic Coupons & Where I Find Them

18 May

What a week! 

The last few days have been busy for me & my family, but that didn’t stop us from acquiring some really awesome coupons, in really great quantities!

First, this was a great week for magazines. I’ll most likely make an entire separate post about couponing through magazines, but I wanted to quickly mention that in a typically month, I get about two dozen magazines delivered to my door.  I get all of my subscriptions to these magazines for free, usually from offers posted on Hip2Save or as rewards from using Swagbucks or Recyclebank. What many people don’t know is that many magazines have coupons hidden throughout the issue, printed on ad pages. Depending on the publication, these may be sporadic or frequent, high value or kind of a wash. However, this was a good week for magazine harvesting for me – I received five magazines this week & grabbed these coupons, among a few others. 



Definitely worth checking out a few subscriptions, especially if you get them for free!

Also, there were several days this week that yielded a great haul of printable coupons. Using only one computer – our second one is currently ‘having a moment’ – I was able to grab about a dozen a day, several times. Here’s a quick example of one day’s printable coupon ‘work’:



Not bad for the mere cost of a few pennies worth of ink & paper. (More on saving money while printing coupons in a later post!)

Lastly, I wanted to share our very lucky incident that occurred mid-week. We went shopping at our local Kroger this week, just to pick up a few necessities. I was disappointed when their clearance rack was nearly empty, and felt like the trip had been a bit of a coupon bust. However, while on our way to the check out, we passed a discarded, jumbled stack of newspapers in the middle of one of the aisles. I picked them up and put them in our cart – maybe they had a few coupons! We checked out and headed home, and when I got home, I realized just what a blessing we had happened across. Inside the stack of crumpled papers were about a dozen coupon inserts, most of which were intact, and nearly every coupon was still valid. There were even inserts that weren’t available in our region! 

I’m not sure who left the papers there, or why – some of the inserts had a few coupons ripped out, so perhaps someone had used what they needed and left the rest. But whoever did it, blessed my family richly – we now have multiples of coupons we will definitely be able to use, and some to send on to our adopted military family. Fantastic!



So here’s to a busy, stressful week that became a bountifully blessed one through couponing! Looking forward to using what we received this week to sustain not only our family but to help our friends and community as well!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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