Frugal Musings – Happy Sunday :)

12 May

A very happy Mother’s Day to all! My first Mother’s Day morning was spent in bed, eating breakfast & flipping through my Sunday papers, both courtesy of the hubby. Then gifts and some baby snuggles – what more could a new mom ask for?

I hope your Sunday – whether you are celebrating today or not – is wonderful. I was really excited when I saw the Sunday Coupon Preview this week, and saw that the papers would have THREE inserts this week – that’s always a good Sunday! 

However, I must say, I was very disappointed with the RedPlum insert this week.The picture below shows the ENTIRE amount of coupons in that insert this week.



Four coupons. Four. Weak action, RedPlum. Still, four are better than none, and the super stocked Smart Source insert made up for it. Also, the P&G insert had a really cool added bonus for shoppers:



Love using coupons to give back!

What surprises did you find in your papers this week? Feel free to muse, ramble or rant about it here – I love other people’s stories & perspectives!

Have a great Sunday, a wonderful Mother’s Day and a fabulously frugal week!


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