Adventures in Couponing: Stockpiling Soda

12 May

This past week, Dollar General had Dr. Pepper products on sale, 3/$3. Also, they had a special offer, in which you could save $3 for every $10 worth of certain products you bought – this list included Dr. Pepper!

Also this week, was offering a Buy One. Get One Free coupon for Dr. Pepper 10. This is one of my husband’s favorite sodas, so we decided to stock up. 

At the first Dollar General we stopped by, the soda was sold out, with no rain checks available. We decided to stop by another Dollar General, since it was also located in our town, and wasn’t too far out of our way. 

Jackpot. They were well stocked, so to receive the $3 off, we grabbed 10 sodas. After the in-store special, and each if my coupons (which rang up at their max value of $1.99 each – sweet!). we walked out of the store paying only 48 cents for all ten two liters. Less than a nickle each!



So now we’re stocked up on my husband’s soda for weeks to come, and paid almost nothing for it. This, my friends, is why I coupon. 🙂



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