Adventures in Couponing: Free Deodorant!

12 May

Two days ago, I stopped by my local CVS to pick up some of the weekly deals, and received coupons at the register after my purchase. Once I got home, I looked at the CVS store coupons, I’d received, and noticed one that said: “$2 off 2 Deodorant Products”. It didn’t spcify a size, brand, price, etc. So this was a really great coupon. I grabbed my weekly store circular and found a sale on Mitchum brand deodorant for $1.99 each. If I purchased 2, it would bring the price down to 99 cents each – already a great deal!

But I was pretty sure I had manufacturer’s coupons for this brand of deodorant as well. I checked my binder, and I was right – I had two $1 off coupons for ANY Mitchum deodorant. Seemed kind of meant to be, didn’t it? 

So I took my store coupon and my MFR coupons and headed back the next day, and found the sale items on the rack. I chose the biggest size that was on sale, (the one retailing for $5.49 normally – yikes!) rather than the smaller (which normally retails for $3.49), to ensure I was getting the best bargain.

After all my coupons, I came out in the negative for my subtotal, which took a little of the tax off as well. So I paid only 22 cents for two deodorants, worth a total of about $11 in retail value. All because I happened to get a great coupon, and have the right coupons to match with it and the sale at the right time. 


Takeaway lesson – never pass on a coupon you might use or put it where you can’t easily find it; you never know when that seemingly low-value coupon might make for a GREAT deal or even some free items!


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