Online Shopping – How to Save Money & Make Money Doing It!

7 May

Most people I know do at least a little online shopping – especially around certain holidays, or when stores are having great blow-out sales. Some of these people don’t know that there are online coupon codes you can redeem just like a paper coupon when shopping online. This can make sales even sweeter.

My favorite is – an easy-to-use online database of current coupon codes, sales, specials and rewards. It is updated constantly, and uses customer feedback to rate each code. I always check for these codes before purchases items from my favorite online stores. 

So that’s how you can SAVE money shopping online- but did you know you can actually MAKE money shopping online? Just like items in stores often have rebate or cash-back reward offers, so do online stores. These can be found on rebate sites like or Both offer a small percentage – different from store to store and from time to time, varying with special promotions run by the stores or the site throughout the year – of cash back on your online purchases. Once your total earned reaches a certain amount, you receive a check or deposit for your cash back earned. Making money back on the online purchases you were going to make anyway? Not a bad deal, if you ask me!

Remember to check these sites BEFORE you shop online to get the most for your money!


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