Awesome Deals at Rite-Aid

7 May

This week, Rite-Aid was having a special on baby products, in which you got $3 +Up Rewards for every 2 baby items you purchased. 



This was a great special for me, since I have a three-month-old. I chose the cheapest qualifying items, which were small tubs of baby food, priced at only $1.49 per package of two. You were allowed up to 4 offers per household on this one, so I maxed that limit out, and got four rewards by buying eight packages. I also had coupons, so my total cam to around $10. Since I got back four $3 rewards, this made my transaction a money-maker. 



The next day (you can’t use Rite-Aid’s +Up Rewards until the following day) I went back while my husband & I were running errands, and found my favorite brand of feminine products on sale. The products, normally $5.49, were on sale for $3.99 each. I picked up four, to use up my $12 in rewards. I also had three $1 off coupons, and one $1.50 coupon for the products, bringing my total to less than zero. However, you can NOT use part of a +Up Reward dollar – meaning your total AFTER coupons must be MORE than the value of the reward. So I needed to find at least one more inexpensive item to add to my total. 

I was very lucky to notice a 40% off sale (wow!) on all Revlon beauty tools. I flipped through my coupon binder and found two “$1 off any Revlon beauty tool” coupons from last week’s paper. Stacking the coupons with the sale, my two items came to less than a dollar total!

(Which reminds me – always, always, always bring your coupon binder/folder/holder when you shop – otherwise you might miss a great deal!)

So with four packages of feminine products and two beauty items (which we added to our gift stash!), plus a $1 donation to the Children’s Miracle Network (see previous post!), we paid only $2.37. (Just the sales tax & a few extra cents!)



My goodies above, and my receipt below!



Obviously, your results may vary, but I definitely advise getting out to your local Rite-Aid this week, and using the great rewards available to stock up on some everyday necessities!


One Response to “Awesome Deals at Rite-Aid”

  1. Denise May 8, 2013 at 1:21 pm #

    very awesome!!!!!

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