Bonus Buys

5 May

When shopping with coupons, you may have heard people (like those on the TLC show) say that you should always purchase the smaller sizes to get the greatest discount. This is usually true – if your coupon allows it, it’s better to get five free 4 oz. shampoos than one 20 oz. shampoo for $3 after coupon. However, one thing to consider when coupon shopping is the bonus buy. This is when your normally-priced or comparatively priced purchase includes one or more additional items. These buys are almost never totally free, but they can really help add to your family’s stockpile. Here are a few examples:

This toothpaste includes a free toothbrush, and is a pretty decent size to begin with. If you’re planning to purchase both toothpaste AND toothbrushes, and don’t have coupons for both, consider picking up one of these. If you had a $1 off coupon for the toothpaste, you could snag both items for less than $2 – not a bad price!



This next example is a great deal all on it’s own – a box of tampons with an included razor, which also has moisture bars, which can stand in for shave cream/gel if need be. What a value! Coupons are regularly available for $1-$2 off this brand of tampons, which would drop the price even further, and sweeten this deal even more. If you use both of these products, this is an awesome deal!




These kinds of deals are usually available during the summer and around back-to-school, when their retailers are looking to boost sales. However, a keen couponing eye can find them almost year-round, especially at big-box retailers like Wal-Mart. 

The last example I have for you consists of pictures from my own purchase tonight. 


I stopped by Rite-Aid tonight to use up my +Up Reward dollars before they expired tonight. I had $2 in rewards, and these were on sale for $3.99. I had a $1.50 off coupon as well, making these only 49 cents before tax. Great deal! But while I was choosing which box to grab, I spent an extra minute browsing the packages for added value. This box had the highest value of included coupons, which the retailer had indicated right on the box. Convenient!

Image Several packages listed a $2-$3 total value of coupons included, but once I saw this package with the $5 total, I decided to snag these. 

They even listed what type of coupons were included inside!


Not every company does this, but DO look for this type of packaging when you’re shopping.

You should always pick up bonus buys on items you & your family are going to use anyway; you’ll save money & quickly stock your shelves with the things you need. A real win-win situation!

NOTE: First two pictures are taken from this month’s Wal-Mart circular, so look for these deal at your local Wal-Mart store!



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