What Does Couponing Save YOU?

3 May

There are many people who ask me what I “really save” with coupons, and it’s nearly always in a very skeptical tone of voice. After I begin talking about my savings, they usually interrupt with “I’d never have time for all of that”, and usually add some quip about having “a job” or “a life”. Please. 

I have a job. I also have a life – I’m a mother to a three month old baby, a wife, involved with my family, church and other activities. If I have time to coupon, MOST other people I’ve talked to probably would, too. It’s about finding that time, and I know from experience that isn’t always easy. 

However, if you accept that couponing WILL cost you time and a very small amount of money upfront (newspapers, printer paper & ink, etc.) then you can begin to see just how much your investment pays off. 

Using coupons doesn’t just save me money. It actually saves me time, stress and loss of sanity in the long run. For instance, I’m about to run out of the toothpaste I’ve been using this month. I won’t have to go anywhere & purchase toothpaste when I run out, though – I have several tubes in my stockpile. I also only grocery shop about four times a month, and combine the coupons with that week’s sales, to save tons of money, and also save myself time. (Consider techniques like price matching at WalMart or other stores to save even more time and money!) And having baby items like diapers, wipes, bottles, etc. on hand at all times keeps me from having to run to the store every time something comes up. (And with a three month old, something seems to come up just about every day…)

What I’m saying is this: DON’T be discouraged when someone tells you that you’re wasting your time or money with coupons. It may take a little while for you to really get the hang of using coupons, and to start getting things free or at amazingly low prices. But stick with it, and it WILL happen for you. Then, if you’re like me, you’ll wonder why you ever shopped any other way!


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