Fabulous Facebook Offers

3 May

Today, a coupon became available through Facebook, and reminded me to share a tip with my friends who read this blog.

Facebook is a GREAT source for coupons. Often, companies that make/sell products you may use every day will have Facebook fan pages, which you can “like”, to receive information about special offers, coupons and other great deals. 

Today’s example is the “Vitalicious” company, which sells vitamin-enhanced food/beverage products. They were offering a “Free Product” (up to $6.00 value) printable coupon, simply for liking their page. Obviously, I jumped right on that, followed the instructions (share the offer with a friend or on your wall), did the same for my husband’s Facebook account, and ended up with two vouchers for free products. Not too shabby!



Pictured above is a screenshot of the post the company’s page made on my Facebook Wall.

PLEASE NOTE: You DO have to “allow” most of these pages to “access your personal information” on Facebook, so if this makes you uncomfortable, these offers are not for you. (Please also note, due to the nature of social media, they can actually access your information regardless, so it’s really not a big deal to ‘let’ them access it…) 

You can even make the required post, print your resulting coupon, and then delete the post afterward. (I do this frequently.) Keeps your wall a little cleaner looking that way…

Hope a few of you guys can snag this deal before they discontinue it – Facebook offers are often only live for a few days or even just a few hours!


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