Ibotta – Earn Money for the Things You Buy Everyday!

1 May

Today a friend reminded me of something to share, that every couponer with an app-enabled smartphone needs to know about: the Ibotta rebate app. 

Ibotta is a completely free app, that once installed enables the user to receive a small rebate on select items. Each item includes short, easy “tasks” (such as posting about the item on Facebook or watching a brief video) to receive your cash, and there are a great variety of items, which are always being updated and rotated to provide you with an excellent opportunity to earn money quickly for your purchases. Items range from food, beverage, personal care and beyond, and the average amount of money back you can earn usually ranges from 50 cents to $1. After you’ve earned $5 or more, you can cash out your earnings with a paypal account, donate it to a charity, or other options in the app’s menu. 

All you have to do after completing your simple task is scan a picture of your item’s receipt & barcode – that’s it! I usually try to pick up one or two of these items on my usual shopping trips, and use coupons to bring the out of pocket cost down, and the return on my investment up. I’ve even had a few items turn out to be “money makers” in the end by using this app!



I personally have an Android device, so the picture above is from the Google Play Store. Search the same term in iTunes to snag the app for iPhone and other Apple devices. 

The app takes only a few minutes to get used to, and will come in handy when you find an item your family already loves, that you may even have a coupon for, and which offer a great cash back deal. Since the app itself is free, there’s no up front investment; you can simply shop the way you normally would, and earn cash back as you go along. (I use my cash back to pay for clipped coupons from my favorite clipping service, so it all leads back to savings for me!)

Thanks to Amber for the reminder for this post!


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