Be Not Brand-Loyal

1 May

Yesterday, my husband & I made a trip to CVS really work for us by snagging tooth paste, body wash & candy completely free. (More about how we did that in another post!) That being said, our little haul brings up an important topic for couponers & savvy shoppers – choosing not to be “brand-loyal”.

Being brand-loyal means always buying the same brand of a certain product, and choosing that brand over others, even when the price is higher. Obviously, if you have to use a certain product for a certain reason (sensitive skin, medical reason, etc.) then this is not really something you can avoid. But if you’re like me, toothpaste is toothpaste, soap is soap, and so on. 

I never have to pay out of pocket for toothpaste, soap, shampoo and other personal care products, because I look for sale/coupon match-ups that will allow for free or extremely cheap items and stock way up. I also use tricks like rewards coupons (Register Rewards, ExtraCare Bucks, etc.) to purchase these items. There’s no trick that would keep me stocked up however, if I was a brand-loyal shopper. 

My husband and I have used Colgate toothpaste for the last two years. However, when we were able to snag some free Crest toothpaste yesterday, we became Crest customers. It’s really that simple – if a product is free or very affordable, and it meets your basic needs for that type of product, it should become what you prefer to purchase. (At least until the next big sale!)

On a side note, there are products that I’m very fond of, and I do put a little extra time and energy into finding coupons and sales for those items, so I can stock up on my favorites. But refusing to be an exclusive customer of only one brand has allowed me to branch out and try products I normally wouldn’t have, and I’ve found some of my new favorites that way! It’s always worth trying something new, especially when you’re saving a TON.


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