Rain Checks to the Rescue!

29 Apr



Today I scored this tray of feminine products at my local Kroger completely free. (Obviously I paid tax, but the store’s entire supply for 8 cents? I can handle that…) They weren’t on sale, and I had only some EXPIRED coupons for them. So how did I do it?

Rain checks. Rain checks are vouchers (which you can request at your store’s customer service desk or at the register) that extend the sale price of an item if it is sold out and therefore unavailable at the time of the sale. My store also rain checked my coupons, which expired BEFORE they got the item back in stock.  (Because it wasn’t my fault that I couldn’t use them on time – they never seemed to have the items in stock during the sale.)

So when I stopped in today, they finally had some of the items in stock, so I combined my two rain checks, my expired coupons, and my Kroger store card to snag the whole tray of these for free. 

Feminine products are one things I ALWAYS grab when they’re on sale and I can get them for free or really cheap, since they don’t really ever go bad. I’d advise any other female couponer to do the same – since they’re one thing you can pretty much use indefinitely. 

So remember – when it’s sold out, don’t be disappointed. Just rain check the item (and your coupons, if necessary & allowed by your store) then come back to purchase it cheaply while it’s no longer on sale. That way it will more likely be in stock. All it takes is a few extra minutes of your time upfront to guarantee big savings later!


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