Frustrating Situation – Lesson to Share

28 Apr

This morning I headed to my favorite spot to buy papers, all geared up to snag tons of them, since this week’s coupons are so plentiful. When I got there, they were completely sold out. Frustrated, I went elsewhere, and bought my papers for a much higher price, therefore buying fewer papers. (I have a budget weekly for my paper buying, and I stick to it.)

Once I got home, I leafed through my papers, only to discover that some of my papers did not have coupon inserts. They had been stolen. 

So although I’m very frustrated, I learned a very good lesson I’d like to share: ALWAYS check your papers BEFORE you leave the store, so you don’t waste your money. Pretty simple, but really important. 

So mistake made, lesson learned, moving on. 

Remember – when couponing you will make mistakes, especially when you’re tired, rushed, etc. Just chalk it up to experience & learn from it! 


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