Strategy Saturday

27 Apr

Today is Saturday, my second favorite day of the week. 

On Saturday, most coupon blogs post “match-ups” for the coming sales week. What this means is that they will post a preview of the sales in a number of stores commonly shopped by couponers (CVS, Kroger, Rite Aid, Walgreens, etc.) as well as posting a preview of the coupon inserts you can expect in your local paper. Then they draw readers’ attention to the “match-ups” of sale & coupon. This is how you can start getting things for free, or at least really inexpensive. 

My favorite coupon blog is Hip2Save. The writer – Collin – always has the best and most current information on coupons, sales and special deals. Plus, her blog is just a lot of fun to read. 

One thing that can be frustrating, though – coupon inserts are regional. That means that just because people in the south east or northwest have an insert coming, doesn’t mean you will. When you know about a certain coupon, and you’re excitedly expecting it in your Sunday paper, it can be really frustrating when you don’t. But then, there are always clipping services & ebay, which I’ll fill you in on in another post. Where there’s a will, there’s a way (and a coupon!). 

So today, I’ll be anxiously awaiting the text that says Collin has posted her weekly coupon/sale match-ups, and browsing them once they’re up. Once I’ve seen them, I make myself a shopping list (which includes where to buy the item, what coupon to use, etc.) and then head out before church on Sunday to pick up my papers and shop. (My church isn’t in session until 11 am, so this isn’t a big problem for me.) 

The reason I strive to go shopping early on Sunday is simple; if you spend time planning a trip, you want the products to still be in stock when you arrive at the store. If you wait until later in the week (or sometimes even later in the day) the items are likely to be out of stock. There are more people out there couponing than ever before, and if you need an item, expect to shop early, or have to raincheck it at the store. 

Also, why Sunday? Papers come out on Sunday, so therefore coupons are newly available on Sunday. So I just make shopping stops while I’m already out to buy my papers. It saves gas and makes my life much simpler. Also, Sales cycles typically begin on Sundays, so new deals become available when stores open on that day. 

So have a great Saturday! Enjoy some time with your family or friends, and be sure to spend a few minutes browsing your favorite blog to see the week’s match-ups, and make a grocery list for yourself. When you do it weekly, and maybe even involve your spouse, kids or best friend, you may find it becomes something you really look forward to!


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