Operation ECOM – Expired Coupons for Overseas Military Families

27 Apr

Operation ECOM – Expired Coupons for Overseas Military Families

If you’ve ever wondered what to do with your expired coupons, here is one idea. Stick them in an envelope throughout the month as they expire. Then, at the end of each month, send them to a grateful overseas military family – they can use coupons at their commissary stores for up to SIX MONTHS after they expire! What a great little way to give back to our military. (Which I love, having grown up as a military brat!) Our family is in the process of “adopting” one of these military families right now – and I have my coupons ready to send!

If you are interested, follow the posted link & find the “Donate Coupons” tab on the ECOM Facebook profile. They’ll give you instructions on how to send your coupons. 

If this is not your thing, consider becoming a “Coupon Fairy”, and leaving your about-to-expire coupons sprinkled around your favorite store’s shelves. this way, someone may be able to use that coupon before it expires. This must be done BEFORE the coupon expires, however, as expired coupons are not accepted by most regular stores. 

If you’re not interested in either of these options, throw your expired coupons into a paper recycling bin (along with the newspapers & magazines you got them from). Might as well save the planet while we save some money, right? (Some areas also accept this type of paper recyclables in exchange for a small amount of cash, so if you have enough paper products on hand, (I’m talking POUNDS, here!) be sure to check with your local recycling company about their going rates!

Remember, coupons are money in so many ways – don’t just throw them away!


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