Finding Regional Coupons

27 Apr

  Ever hear there’s going to be a great, high-value coupon in the Sunday paper, then get your papers home to find that coupon missing? Unless someone has swiped your inserts (that does happen unfortunately – check your papers BEFORE leaving the store to be sure everything is included!) you’ve most likely heard about a regional coupon. This means the coupon is only being sent out to certain areas of the country. 

So how can you get your hands on one (or twenty)? Easy. Hop on your computer, and head to the website of a clipping service. These sites are run by people who obtain massive amounts of coupons, then ship them out to those who request them for a small “handling charge”. (You’re not legally supposed to sell coupons, so what they’re selling is their time and effort to collect them for you. This charge usually varies between 5-25 cents per coupon, depending on cash value & rarity. Not a bad deal when you’re looking for a specific coupon, like the high-value cosmetic coupon I recently snagged a few of from my favorite service. They ship them straight to your door; super convenient. 

Also, check out ebay. Just type what coupon you’re looking for into the search bar there, and see what pops up. Again, you’ll usually find what you’re looking for, although ebay sellers are typically selling larger quantities (think 10 and up) at a time, and don’t offer the option to pick and choose a few of this and a few of that like clipping services do.

If you’re curious about clipping services or wonder where to get started with them, I suggest The Coupon Clippers. Their service is the only one I deal with, and they are fast, affordable, courteous and always updating their inventory. They also sell binders and other coupon accessories. (Which I’ll discuss in a later post.) 

So there you have it. If you really find yourself needing a certain coupon, and your local papers just aren’t delivering, the magic of modern technology (and some very industrious coupon clippers!) can save the day. 

Happy searching!


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